Thursday, December 13, 2007


Instead of looking at procrastination as procrastination, I look at it as more of a heroic accompishment.

Have you ever noticed how super heros always show up at the exactly the right moment? Well the really smart ones go for the whole 9 yards and one more. See instead of showing up just before the criminals flee the seen, they show up a day later to say that super heros have busy schedules and criminals should work around them in a very sincere way. That way the criminals work around super hero's lives; therefore making crime an easier thing to deal with. And by making it an easier thing to deal with, there is less of it.

Thats why I'm starting an essay that was due on wednesday afternoon on thursday night just before break. So teachers can realize that they give WAY too much homework and then work around the busy schedule of the students they are teaching.


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