Friday, May 9, 2008


It is a rare occurance when I have more than $.76 in my bank account. Currently, I have $205. I'm debating whether or not to get my guitar electrified, or by a camera.
*Note that with a camera I will be able to post video and pictures.
If you've got a word of wisdom to send my way concerning this matter, send it on over. Thanks.


chris lazo said...

Get what you will use the most, and that which will be most productive in life.

Or the most fun:)

Ivan said...

Do what would best serve the Lord. Or save it until you know for sure.

Aaron. said...

Thanks. :] This blog is now in a set consisting of two blogs, like the historical accounts of Luke writing to Theophilus concerning the works of Christ. It'd be nice if you read the latter.

Love you both.

chris lazo said...

What's that have to do with buying a camera?

Aaron. said...

It doesn't. It has to do about the blogs.


taylor said...