Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hey everyone, sorry for not posting for the past millennium. A little update about what's up with me:

First, some of you may know that I have been doing The Gathering. If you don't know what it is, it's a pretty sweet deal. Every Monday at DP we meet in coach Zamora's room (H-3). The main vision is for kids (me in included) to grow in their relationships with our beloved savior Jesus Christ. So far we've met twice (Sorry everyone for the delay in getting it started. There was confusion on what I was supposed to do...) and it's been rad. Thanks for all of you who have been coming.

Second, I learned how to do a cart-wheel.

Third, I actually didn't learn how to do a cart-wheel because I've actually been able to for my whole life... Since conception. Don't ask questions.

That's pretty much it as of now...

Prayer requests:
  • Pray for my strength.

  • For me to keep Him the center.

  • That the Lord would do a mighty work and that He would move in the hearts of the kids at The Gathering and inspire true, undefiled worship.

Thanks for reading!

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~j~ said...

Hey Aaron,
just got on your blog from Ivan and Chrissys! So awesome to hear of the Gathering at DP. Way to live for Jesus! You are a warrior for Christ Aaron, stay strong, stay in your word, keep up your witness, people need to see more of the Lord through us Christians!
julia dellar