Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Services...

Well, firstly, the free event/concert featuring the "Kantinas", hosted by Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara was phenomenal (spelling on the word is under question). The bass was so powerful my jaw will surely be sore for weeks due to the incessant blows of their kick drum and 5 string bass combined. They straight held it down. The events themselves sent people away with iPods (2 nano's and 1 classic 80-gig), low rider bikes, and an X-Box 360. But many people left with something much, much, greater. Eternal salvation. After a brief message many people came to the front of the crowd to accept and declare Jesus Christ as their lord and savior. Praise God.


Tommorow morning:

Calvary Chapel Easter Service- 9:30 am @ Santa Barbara Court House
Reality Carpenteria Easter Service- 10 am @ Carpenetria Highschool

Be there. You'll be changed forever...

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