Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Good Friday!

Good friday is known as the day that Jesus Christ bled and died to remove the sin of all man kind, to give us direct access to God, and guarentee us eternal life (We must believe first, of course, that He came, died on the cross. and rose again on the third day for the sin of mankind) on the cross. And since it is the Easter time of year, we should recognize that that is what it is all about (that He came died and rose again). Soooooo, I would suggest that you get to the nearest video store and rent The Passion of the Christ, Directed by Mel Gibson, and then watch it. If you haven't seen it or for that matter even heard of the movie, I would first: realize what it's about (It's about the the story of the Cross). And prepare yourself!!! It is a gnarly movie.

Happy Easter weekend. :]

If you take my advice I'd even prepare for the flowing of tears.

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