Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Cyber High-Fives"

I was recently conversing with one of my friends on this marvelous internet concotion called "Myspace". And the way we were doing such was rather amusing yet at the same time, rather deep and intelligent, you might say. Now, you might be thinking: whats your point doo-doo head? Well the point I'm getting at is that it was really, quite funny, and without that conversation ever occuring, this blog is concerning "cyber high-fives" may never have came to be.

So whats the deal anyway with these so called "cyber high-fives" anyway?
  • How do you give them?
  • When do you give them?
  • Why do you give them rather than just saying, "Your'e rad!"?

The fact of the matter is: people just love physical contact. Whether it's legit or not. This realization came to me as I tried so aggressivly to "cyber high-five" my radical friend, Chloe.

But the answers to the above questions are:

  • You simply say: "Cyber high-five!"
  • You give them whenever the moment seems to fit
  • You give them rather than saying, "Your'e rad!" because you want to make the other person feel somewhat good about themselves by giving them the impression than you want to actually high-five them

And so there you have it. My splurge of the moment. Thanks Chloe!

Hola Cinco.