Saturday, November 10, 2007

Splurge of the Moment

As I was, as usual on the internet, on myspace staring blankly into the many, many pixels and miniscule colors to find something of amusment, I stumbled across a thought: I know of a man who is somewhat of an amusing person and this man has a blog! And as I had this sudden realization as I was scrolling down Chris Lazo's blog, "Sentiments", I had a sudden realization: This whole blog ordeal seems to be rather entertaining to the viewer and to the producer... maybe this could be the thing that can save me from my severe case of internet boredom! And so here I am now, doing my best to use proper punctuation, spelling, and italcizing (in case you haven't noticed I'm rather fond of it). So hopefully I will be able to bring you a sense of not feeling such a desire to raid the fridge or your neighbors, but one of being entertained because of my somewhat meaningless ramblings (but be warned: some may become of use to you).

I hope to bring you some satisfaction through all these fancy words (hopefully I may learn some. I have gotten words such as: thee, hither, therefore, etc.. on lock) that I may not completely know the meaning to them. But (notice the italics) do not expect me to always be entertaining. I am going to speak what is on my mind, and some of it may not be very pleasing to hear (but I absolutly will not under any circumstance (more italics), try and poke fun, put down, pick fights, or any other two words that which the first starts with a "p"), notice the title of this blog: Splurge of the Moment (italics again). These words posted are only meant to encourage, inspire, and bring laughter, not anything negative.

Anything serious that I will be posting will first be approved by God. Not only because I do not want to speak my heart but His, but because it is by His power that I even have a computer. Therefore (notice the word), it is going to glorify Him.

So there you have it. My splurge of the moment... ooh thats a cool title... baha! That was cool.


chris lazo said...

Very nice start, Aaron Feeney. Your emergence into social networking is not without my patronage.

(I think you should change your blog name to

Splurge of the Moment


bethany said...

youre really really funny. mission ACCOMPLISHED