Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daisy Love Merrick

Last night Daisy was hospitalized after a fall on the playground. The doctors found severe internal bleeding and looking closer they found a cancerous tumor known as a Wilms Tumor. Wilms Tumors are typically found in young children under the age of 5. Daisy is 5 now.

Britt Merrick, her father, said this last night:
"Our oncologist said that he is 80% sure that Daisy has a Wilms' Tumor.
That is a malignant tumor. It is cancer but a highly curable form.
They will operate Wednesday or Thursday and depending on the size of the tumor they will either take it all out or just some of it.
Daisy will have to have chemo therapy either way.
That is all we know now and will not have any definitive answers for a couple days."

Pray that:
  • Please pray that the tumor removal surgery would be scheduled as soon as possible. Her biopsy has to be done first…
  • Please pray that the biopsy procedure of the tumor today would go well …
  • Please pray for good results from the biopsy
  • Please pray that the doctors will have a PRECISE understanding of the level of chemo that will be needed after the surgery…the lowest amount for Daisy’s body and the strongest amount needed to completely eradicate any cancer cells
  • Please pray that the surgery will COMPLETELY remove the tumor…if part of the tumor is inoperable it complicates her recovery severely.

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