Friday, September 25, 2009

Thank God It's Friday!

Sometimes sleeping life can get a bit difficult to deal with, especially during the school year. This is how a typical school day goes for me:
    -6:30am - wake up at (after hitting snooze 6 times)
    -7:00am - take shuttle over to Juan's house
    -7:26am - wake Juany up
    -7:45am - start school very tired
    -7:45am-12:09pm - waiting for lunch because I forgot to eat breakfast
    -12:09pm - eat lunch
    -sometime after lunch - endure extreme tiredness without the help of Reimel's monotone voice
    -6th period - ceramics! This class is great!
    -3:00pm - get home and accidentally fall asleep on the couch
    -11:pm - struggle to fall asleep after brushing teeth with minty tooth paste wakes me up

That's why I love Friday's so much. Because I have the joy of looking forward to Saturday.

Thank God it's Friday!

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